Amazon Fire TV Set-Up (Alternative Method).

Step 1:

Start your Fire TV / Fire TV Stick and Go to “Settings” and select “Network”

Step 2:

If already connected to a wireless network select “Forget This Network”

Step 3:

Press Select to confirm

Step 4:

Now choose your Wi-Fi network again. You will be asked to enter your password. Enter your Wi-Fi password and click on “Advanced”

Step 5:

You have to enter an IP address that is similar, but not the same as another device on your home network. To do that follow our guide HERE. Take the device’s IP and add 5 numbers to it. eg. Your PC’s IP is then for your fire TV use IP Note that first three groups of digits remain the same and only the last group is to be changed. Make sure you include the dots!

Step 6:

In the “Default gateway field” enter the IP of your router Gateway. Refer to the guide HERE and this is to be exactly the same for your Fire TV device. (it may or may not be different to shown) and click “Next”

Step 7:

In the “Network Prefix Length” enter 24 and click “Next”

Step 8:

In DNS 1 enter and click “Next”

Step 9:

In DNS 2 also enter and click “Next” to connect.

You should see something similar to this. Click “Connect”.